One Tool is All You Need

Our revolutionary software gives any purchasing staff the power of robust data and total transparency from within one customizable hub.

Quickly and accurately manage all of the facets within the purchasing environment in one convenient location.
HALO's automated renewal and distributor implementation process provides you the confidence that no contract is ever left behind.
Don't let the financial impact and quality risk of rogue ordering affect you. HALO provides the tools and visibility to prevent compliance issues before they become overpowering.
HALO guarantees no money is left on the table by ensuring all supplier incentive programs are actively in place and followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

No one! Your data is your property.

Only you and HALO’s Support staff. To protect our customer’s data we have firewalls set-up to secure all parties privacy.

Management of HALO can be customized based on the clients needs.

HALO is the perfect procurement analytics software for Restaurants, Hotels/Resorts, Healthcare Facilities, Casinos, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Cruise Lines, Stadiums, Arenas, Concessionaires, plus much more! Any business that needs contract management, price verification services and data management will find HALO an invaluable resource.

Our user-friendly software can benefit any member within your staff from top on down. The system can be customized for any user within your organization.

HALO keeps a record of your entire purchase history. This gives you total ownership of your valuable business data if you ever change or add distributor/supplier partners.

Yes, Halo was designed to be the hub of all your purchasing.

The majority of foodservice distributors transmit data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which connects directly with HALO when permission is given. Most distributors will comply when requested, however at times it requires you to insist the distributor report on your behalf.

We do require a signed commitment; all agreements include a customized termination clause.

Costs are customized based on the size and needs of your business. Contact us for a demo and a quote!

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Every operation is different. HALO can be fully customized to meet your needs.

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